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While the rivalry between New Zealand and Australia is legendary, this is one exciting new development which our friends across the ditch are thrilled to share and many in the NZ equine industry have already expressed their eagerness to take full advantage of!

Launched recently in Australia, Costin Horseshoes intend to revolutionise horse shoeing. They’re throwing down the gauntlet to old guard by defying preconceived ideas and opinions with what many are already saying is the most progressive and advanced horseshoe available across the world.

Leading Australian Master Farrier, Steve Costin, has responded defiantly to the naysayers and redefined horse shoeing by creating his own plastic horseshoe with clearly unique design features (patent pending) and with significant benefits across the horse industry.

  • Farrier benefit from the time-saving benefits
  • Owners benefit from the cost-saving characteristics
  • Breeders benefit from the safeguards afforded by the design
  • Trainers benefit with increased performance
  • Riders benefit with greater confidence
  • And most critically, the horses benefit with improved comfort, condition and general wellbeing.

While only relatively new on the market, the Costin Horseshoe is already receiving high praise and has already been both acclaimed and approved by John Crowley, one of Australia’s leading veterinarians, who said “just about the perfect horseshoe..Steve’s done a great job with the design of this horseshoe..the Costin Horseshoe gives plenty of sole protection..the Costin Horseshoe has more give in it and it is much wider..I’ve seen some people try and make plastic shoes but not like this shoe..the Costin Horseshoe would absorb a lot of the vibration and it would mould with the horse’s foot a lot better.”

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