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Groundbreaking Australian Pride, Sharing with the World. Designed, developed and created by one of Australia’s leading farriers, Steve Costin. Tested in challenging conditions to suit equine environments across the world.

About The Costin Horseshoe Creator, Steve Costin

One of Australia’s leading Master Farriers, Steve Costin is proud of his enviable reputation, built over his nearly 40 year career as a farrier and supported by his experience as a trainer, horse owner and a horse riding competitor. Steve’s father, Ron Costin was a farrier and himself a very good horseman, so it was not surprising that, learning from his father, young Steve started shoeing horses at just 13 years of age. He even managed to earn pocket money, while still at school, by breaking in and shoeing horses. His first job was breaking in horses for the Australian equine industry legend, Bob Wearing and his next job was for another highly regarded identity, Master Farrier Keith Swan. By age 20, Steve already had his Master Farrier credentials but engaged in further training and education from shoeing schools over a 15 year period and even today, continues to seek out sources to further his knowledge and his insight.

In addition to developing the Costin Horseshoes business, Steve also operates his farrier business in Beaudesert, Queensland and not surprisingly, is in high demand across the equine industry for his skill and his insights. He acquired his insights through hands-on experience as a horse rider competing in reining and cutting, as a racehorse trainer, horse stud manager, breaking in horses and many other roles. But he considers the development of the Costin Horseshoe, a 15 year journey of persistence and love, to be his greatest career achievement.

“My development of the Costin Horseshoe started 15 years ago when I was trying to fix a mare suffering from laminitis. She was on her last legs and her owner couldn’t afford a veterinarian. But she was a good mare and I was determined to prolong her life.”

To get a true appreciation and in-depth understanding of Steve Costin’s passion and commitment to the development of the Costin Horseshoe, he tells the story in his own words….

“My development of the Costin Horseshoe commenced over 15 years ago, when I was working hard to fix a mare suffering from laminitis. She was on her last legs and her owner couldn’t afford a veterinarian to assist. But she was certainly a good mare so I was determined to do what I could to prolong her life.

I tried as many things as I could to assist her. I used a heart bar, leather pads, you name it and I tried it! I knew that I had to protect the sole and take more of the weight onto the hoof wall. But I didn’t want to restrict her movement by using a steel shoe.

In my ute I had a few sheets of breadboard that I had been using to make hospital plates, so I placed the breadboard on the bottom of the mare’s hoof, drew a line around the hoof onto the board, then I cut it to shape with a ‘V’ cut out for the frog, in an attempt to make it move with the hoof and I cut lines out to give movement.

However, there was still too much weight on the sole. So I then cut small strips in the shape of the shoe to fill the voice between the hoof and the shoe. At that time, the fancy glue for plastic that we now have wasn’t available, so I attached the board to the hoof with two nails. I then filled the underneath with silicone, hoping that it wouldn’t abscess.

The outcome was truly remarkable and completely rewarding! At first, the mare seemed a little happier but over the following months, she improved so much to the point where she could eventually walk without shoes.

This experience inspired me to go on to use polyurethane in place of breadboard and I improved my design by introducing clips and an injection hole to insert the silicone under the shoe.

That is the very simplistic version of events. The reality is, it has been a long 15 year journey along the development road to arrive at what is today, the Costin Horseshoe.

While we stress that the Costin Horseshoe is not designed for laminitic horses and is not an orthopaedic shoe, it was without doubt, my original work with this

laminitic mare which led to my discovery of the benefits of polyurethane horseshoes as a replacement for steel and aluminium horseshoes.

Since that early time, I have used Costin Horseshoes on many horses and continue to see significant improvements in the horses, especially in regard to shin soreness.

I often reflect and fondly remember that old mare. Without her, the Costin Horseshoe may not be available today, to help all horses, whether to aid them in their recovery or as an important preventative measure against the risk of injury.” Steve Costin

If Steve’s story has inspired you, then give Gerard Fahey a call and discuss how Costin Horseshoes can assist your horses.

PHONE: 0800 463 475

About Costin Horseshoes Australia

Costin Horseshoes Pty Ltd is exclusively responsible for the development of the groundbreaking Costin Horseshoes, its unique design and its distribution. The company is a wholly Australian owned business and distribution of Costin Horseshoes outside of Australia is through authorised distributors or direct sales.

During development and through the testing phases, in horses that have changed from steel and aluminium shoes to the new Costin shoe, quite amazing outcomes are being seen, in particular with shin soreness. However, the company is keen to emphasise that the Costin Horseshoe is not offered as a

horseshoe ‘to fix problems’. What it is designed to do is to make your horse more comfortable and from that, deliver you improved results and outcomes across many applications.

The difference can be seen after shoeing with the Costin Horseshoe and as Steve Costin himself has noted, it will make you contemplate what the horse was actually going through when previously using the steel or aluminium shoes.

What the company also emphasises is that the Costin Horseshoe has been designed and developed to make a good horse even better! It’s not an orthopaedic shoe or designed for

laminitic horses but is a polyurethane horseshoe with unique features (patent pending) to replace steel and aluminium horseshoes.

In regards to particularly shin soreness, consider what damage a horse suffers as a result of vibration and jarring in the early stages of work and how this damage must surely reduce their competing or racing life.

Now consider this – if you do have a good racehorse that is able to win races, how much longer will it be able to race and how many more races will it be able to win, if you simply change to using the Costin Horseshoe?

About Costin Horseshoes New Zealand

Designed and developed in Australia, Costin Horseshoes are available in New Zealand through Costin Horseshoes NZ distributor, Gerard Fahey.

Gerard Fahey is well-known in the NZ equine industry and once he had heard of Costin Horseshoes, he was keen to bring this revolutionary new horseshoe to the NZ market so local breeders, farriers, owners, trainers and recreational riders could also enjoy the benefits already being realised by users of the Costin Horseshoe.

Gerard is available to discuss the Costin Horseshoe with you, show you the unique features and sell you product.

Contact Gerard

Steve Costin will be making regular trips to NZ to showcase the Costin Horseshoe, so keep in touch with Gerard for information and the opportunity to meet this Master Farrier in person.

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